Wednesday, April 23, 2008


(written on 10/01/2006)

I’ve noticed that I have written quite a few things about love (such that I kind of emit the ‘love junkie’ effect to those who read my blog, and of course which I am not), about sadness, past hurts, my grudges or of life being sometimes a biatch, etc., etc. I haven’t tried writing about the act where swapping of bodily fluids takes place (a.k.a. SEX – hello!), but I have posted something vis‑à-vis this matter... Hence, I have decided that I want to write something sane and something that is of value, not melodramatic, pessimistic, or acrimonious…

These past several weeks, I have observed that despite continuous burrowing through my cerebrum, I really, really find it impossible to write about anything. There were times, though, when I suddenly have a certain something that would poke at my now-not-too-workaholic neurons (picture me with a blinking light bulb above my head – AHA!), and then poof! It would just evaporate into thin air that would make me want to scream and then hopefully gouge the eyes of those beings who will dare leer at me…(ugh, gross.. i was just kidding on the gouging part..)

Hey, it’s not that I’m making up a cock-and-bull story just because I have lost my knack for writing (or the lack thereof)… Just thinking that perhaps the reason why this is happening is because my brain is atrophying, gives me the creeps! If this is the case, maybe this is the way my brain cells are showing me their outrage since I haven’t been making a good use of them… Nooooooo! This is a nightmare!!!

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