Monday, April 9, 2012

Crystal clear...

I am never enough for anybody. When I was a child, I was always compared to somebody better. ("Why can't you be like ____ who does well in Math/has high grades?" Why don't you imitate ____?")

As an adult, I would always play second or third fiddle; e.g., as a wife, there would always be somebody better than me, ergo, the infidelities.

Yes, I am being swallowed in the dark hole of self-pity. But I am dead tired of never being able to meet one's expectations. To always be a disappointment. When people treat me well, only a few of them are really genuine about it. Otherwise, it's either they only want something in return OR they are just "obligated" to do it -- just so that I wouldn't feel bad (or make them look bad). Come on. Nobody has to patronize me. I don't like "owing" anybody anything!

So really, it's very obvious. There is something wrong with me. I would never be good enough. I might not even be really worth it.

Perhaps, everything is just a facade.