Thursday, July 8, 2010


Since nobody is really reading this blog, it's not really important when I last wrote here, nobody cares anyway. Still, I'd like to say that I haven’t really posted in a while partly because of the so-called blogger's block and partly because I wasn’t that INSPIRED anymore -- I guess, the muses have abandoned me. Lol.

As always, the times where the itch to write was great, however, would come on unexpected situations or when I am lying in bed, trying my best to fall asleep. My thoughts would be running around in circles, jumping from one topic to another (isn’t this scary?!) and I literally would become nauseous -- perhaps because my neurons, if any, are exhausted. Eventually though, sleep would come.

The latest "topic" that came to mind is about how our friends are not alike. Of course obviously, they have different personalities and traits but still, they are your friends. We have learned to treasure them.

We have friends that we could call our "soulmates" because of being in sync with us at all times. There are also the sweet and thoughtful friends -- those who, regardless of not seeing/hearing from them for a while, are still the same old chums you used to know. For instance, some of my high school and college friends --- they may have changed physically, but they were the same boys/girls you used to know. We also have our weird but lovable friends -- you have nothing in common with them, yet you "click."

Now we also have friends who seemed to have metamorphosed -- no, not into cute little butterflies, but into monsters of sorts. Of course the cliché, "Only CHANGE is permanent in this world" comes to mind, and while that is true (and a perfect excuse), I have concluded that this metamorphosis has a common denomination: OVERINDULGENCE.

A.k.a. the spoiled brats.

These are the ones who want to be treated like they are Mr./Ms. High and Mighty and yes, they are Mr./Ms. Perfect. When you're friends with them, be afraid…Be very afraid. If for them you are not an EQUAL, I assure you, you will be treated like crap. If you're such a very unfortunate individual, you can also become their favorite pal to pick on. This then will make you feel like crap too and then you adapt the habit of belittling yourself.

You will feel miniscule just like an amoeba floating in the toilet bowl --- amongst the shit.


In spite of the fact that you have "served" them well, humbled yourself upon them, and apologized profusely when you know you are the one at fault, still these supposed friends of yours will never fail to make you feel so bad that your gut hurts.

Still you try…and try…and try harder and harder…all to no avail. Perhaps it is easier for them to ignore you.

Admittedly, we have chosen them to be a part of our lives; yet we also have a choice to let them go.

So why prolong the agony? You should not be somebody's beck and call. The minute this realization sinks in, you should run. FAST. Never look back. These people are not worthy of you. It is a waste of time and energy pleasing these people. Do not overburden yourself with them. Instead, prioritize your other friends -- those who really truly care for you and love and accept you and most of all, RESPECT you for who you are, albeit the arguments and fights, big or small, that you have with them.

This friendship is long past its expiration date. Don’t stay just out of habit.

It is time to cut them loose.