Tuesday, July 22, 2014


A hopia is a bean-filled pastry originally introduced by Fujianese immigrants in urban centres of both countries around the turn of the twentieth century. (Source: Wikipedia.) In bekinese (read: gay lingo), it means "hope." Thus, it can be used as an adverb or adjective, e.g., humopia, pahopia, etc. Kapag feelingera or feelingero ka sa "kras" mo, humuhopia ka. Kapag nabigo ka, sasabihin mo naman sya itong pahopia. Naturally, this also applies to other aspects in life such as friendship, a job, a promise, or all of the above, yes, ALL OF THE ABOVE. (At dahil napapanahon, sige na nga, very applicable din sya sa Meralco. Lels!) The point is... ang hirap maging hopia, especially if what is at stake here is your pangkabuhayan showcase and friendship. It is a wound that is so difficult to heal and a broken trust that only time can repair. This is also a test of faith because you know that forgiveness is the key, yet you find yourself uttering pleas to God asking Him to heal you so you can forgive...and you still could not do so. Slowly, but surely we pick up the pieces, hoping and praying to be restored soon. Ayown. Just sayin'. Good morning y'all! #sorrynotsorry #hugot