Tuesday, August 4, 2009


i was still
i was quiet..

then you came

you crept into the night
i was taken aback

you took me in your arms
lulling me to sleep..

i awoke..

darkness ceased
denoting the coming of dawn..

i was suddenly cold and breathing frost..
the warmth was gone..

alas, you were all but a dream...


I really miss blogging. Yet here i am, again, at a loss for words. I've been trying to wrack my brain for something to write about these past several months. Maybe i've become lazy also and may just be making an excuse for not having been able to write.

Hmmm... As of the moment, i am multitasking - working (editing) and blogging. How come, you would ask... Well, i guess, though i still don't have any idea of what to write here, i've got this intense urge to still jot down perhaps just a few sentences.

One thing is for sure, i'd say that i'm quite a stubborn person. I've recently experienced another (yes, another one) stupidity wherein i don't have to wait for my friends' wagging fingers while saying, "tsk, tsk...i told you so!" because all i have to do is look in the mirror and say that to myself - of course, with matching slapping of the forehead drama. Oh well, i guess i haven't learned that's all. I still want to believe that in every person's rude/aggressive exterior lies a good heart, somehow, lurking inside, just waiting to be tapped. Of course, being the dramatic person that i am, i've always wanted to be the "heroine" who would be able to make the "good" person come out. Alas, i've failed... Again...