Sunday, June 29, 2008


I was sooooo craving for chocolates these past few days. Of course, I wouldn’t dare deny that I've been quite, errrr, sad lately (and edgy and high-strung and impatient, etc. etc.) and I reckon a little dose of endorphins might lighten me up a bit, you know…

Anyhow, this craving, I noticed, transpires on ungodly hours, i.e., midnight to wee hours of the morning, wherein of course the neighborhood sari-sari stores would be friggin' closed so that I couldn’t even buy myself a piece or two of ChockNut or Cloud 9, dammit. One midnight ago, I suddenly wanted to eat Voice biscuits/crackers (for those of you who are unfamiliar with this, this has a chocolate wafer in between the crackers - and it's yummy). I wasn’t really aware that it was already midnight then; I thought it was only 10:30 p.m. so I asked my son to buy some for me and he said, exasperated, "Mom, the stores are closed!" It was then that I realized what the time was. I would've thrown a fit right then, but of course, it's not really very pretty to look at and not proper (at my age) especially in front of my child, huh!!? So, I just inhaled deeply and decided to let go and forget about it.

Earlier today, about 6 p.m., I caught a chocolate feature on TV. Of course it talked about chocolates: how they're made, their benefits, and so on. All of a sudden, my househelp muttered something about having "tableya" in the house, sent by my adorable mum (tableya, by the way, is a local chocolate made of cacao seeds and a local version of cocoa), so we checked, and oh heavens, there it was! I was too elated and the next thing I did was bark instructions to her to make me mug of hot chocolate. The weather was damp and it looked like rain was coming so it sort of…jibes... - a hot chocolate on a rainy night. Lovely isn't it? I felt giddy and it was oh so delicious! It was really sweet though, too sweet that it would make you wonder if you've contracted diabetes already. Nevertheless, I put lots of powdered milk in it (thus making it more sweet) and drank it slowly, but greedily, savoring the chocolatey taste that almost got me stark raving mad because of lusting after it.

So am I still sad? Hmmm…perhaps, a bit, yes. Why? Because it's raining…and raining equals bed weather…triple dammit…dammit.

I guess I have to have loads of chocolate in my system…gimme, gimme, gimme!

Monday, June 23, 2008


I'm currently reading another "chick lit" book and it generally talks about Australia..the sceneries, the beaches, the wild, and most of all, the hot Aussie blokes...hehehe..the book basically describes these blokes as darn smoldering hot n' sexy...whew! Plus with those beaches? Who would ask for more?! (I'm Alt-Tabbing actually, writing this and surfing pics of Australia and its blokes, snicker snicker...) Ooh if it's not just so freakin' expensive to go there, i'd be on my way right this sec..dammit.

excuse me for acting like a hormone-driven teenager (which i'm not - a teenager that is), i guess i got too caught up with this reading that i'm delusional again.. :D

blabbing again..oops.


I did it! I went BUNGEEJUMPING!

...I did...really... it was a dream though...