Monday, June 23, 2008


I'm currently reading another "chick lit" book and it generally talks about Australia..the sceneries, the beaches, the wild, and most of all, the hot Aussie blokes...hehehe..the book basically describes these blokes as darn smoldering hot n' sexy...whew! Plus with those beaches? Who would ask for more?! (I'm Alt-Tabbing actually, writing this and surfing pics of Australia and its blokes, snicker snicker...) Ooh if it's not just so freakin' expensive to go there, i'd be on my way right this sec..dammit.

excuse me for acting like a hormone-driven teenager (which i'm not - a teenager that is), i guess i got too caught up with this reading that i'm delusional again.. :D

blabbing again..oops.

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