Wednesday, April 23, 2008


basking in the solitude of my milieu
wondering about my existence
wondering how you’ve been
the distance between us does not matter
and my thoughts of you do not falter.
we may not recognize where the future will lead us
as the future I cannot ascertain
indeed I will savor the present for whatever it may be worth
and taste the rapture of your affection for me.
another day will not obscure
the hopes of a new tomorrow
an embroidery on a canvas that we interlaced
completed and adorned by everything that we shared.
giving me a part of you
i will always be thankful for
though i cannot have you
the part you have shared with me
will only be mine and not to anyone else.
so i will try to relish my existence
that these two had separated
carrying on with the things that i have to do
however still always loving you.

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