Wednesday, April 23, 2008


(written in nov 2003)

Turbulence of emotions..whoa! that's what i'm feeling right now.
I've often wondered why some days i feel bizaare..Perhaps, such days are days when i'm in denial..

It's quite ambiguous when it comes to describing how i'm feeling..Is it because i'm under the influence of the wondrous taste of alcohol? Or because i'm feeling just plain shitty? I've come to realize that i'm under the same spell and cycle again..And i'm getting tired of it..Why can't i just be in one corner and be at peace with myself? Do i need to get through with this again?

Perhaps my close friends are tired of my whining and i can't blame them for that..Even I am tired of hearing myself whine all the time..

Normalcy for me these past few days is quite difficult to achieve..i am hoping to become part of the living things once again, as i am dead...

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