Wednesday, April 23, 2008


(written on 03/27/06)

Its been a while since i've been here..reason? i have no phone line in my new (rented) house, but i'm workin' on it.

Anyhow...nuthin's new with my life..same old same old hehe..i've been through several trials (which i think is part of everyone's life; except that sometimes, i think that mine is self-inflicted)..

I've been pondering things..about love and about life..Generally, i have this rule in my life to never take my love ones for granted. I always tell them that i love them. The words "i love you" are very sacred to me. I will never utter them unless i really mean it. Even if you ask my kids, i always tell them 'i love you' everyday..Before, i dont tell my mom how i love her and care for her, but now, i do..My friends know this too..You see, i always ask myself, "what if tomorrow never comes for me?" I mean, im not being morbid, but we never know how long we've got in this world..

Life is short so we should enjoy all the small things and be thankful for all our blessings and for all the people who love and care for us..

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