Monday, November 17, 2008

Honesty and Movies

It’s really amusing how we associate our lives with the movie/soap opera characters. As much as I hate to admit it, I do that, sometimes – no, most of the time. Not that my life is so dramatic – gosh no. The story of my life is a combination of sorts – drama, comedy, suspense, a bit of action, and “strictly prohibited”/R-18. Generally though, I’d say it’s a DRAMEDY. When I watch movies/soaps, I’d usually find myself identifying with one or a few of the characters, even sometimes insisting upon myself that that really is ME.

(It might not really be worth mentioning as it’s kinda off topic but I would anyway…I have another “therapy” whenever I feel temporarily insane and I’m in my emotera mode. I’d watch a movie that’s so dramatic and romantic until I’d develop a lump in my throat till ultimately my tear ducts couldn’t take it anymore that I’d be bawling like mad, after which, I’d be okay. I’d be in a lighter mood albeit the eye puffiness and eye bags and red nose.)

Anyhow, there’s just one thing in dramatic movies/soaps that bugs me --- everybody’s so freakin’ honest and would tell the truth in one way or another! I mean, of course I believe that honesty is the best policy and all that, but come on, in real life, nobody is that truthful anymore. Everybody’s got skeletons in their closets and most people choose their dirt to be kept hidden especially if they feel that the truth will only hurt other people particularly the ones they love. I’d say honesty is overrated. I believe that some things are better left alone and unsaid and buried.

Oh well…if you’ll excuse me, I’ve been dying to have a glass of red wine (the current soap I’m addicted to has a lot of wine drinking scenes) so I guess I’ll have one now. Yup, I have red wine in my cupboard. Oh yeah. Sweet huh?

Want some?

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