Sunday, July 6, 2008


It's really amusing how signs are slapped in your face. Hilarious even when fate (if it really exists) dons its full battle regalia and gathers its forces thereby proving the point that "some things are not meant to be or meant to happen." I somehow had just experienced this a few days ago. A greater force intervened... Perhaps, yes, only for my own benefit as a means of saving myself from shattering into pieces all freakin' over again. Weird, really, but I have no way of lookng at it otherwise logically. It's like looking at an EDSA billboard, which screams "Just Stop It" which of course is an antiloquy of Nike's "JUST DO IT" ad...

So is this really a sign that i should stop being masochistic and take care of my heart (umm, duh!)? Now i just remembered what my bestfriend reminded me about tomatoes (be it the paste, the sauce or the real deal) being good for the heart. He advised that i should have a tomato overload along with my chocolate cravings... He also suggested that I change my favorite ridiculous dialogue from "Be still my heart" to "Be steel my heart."

Nice huh...It got me thinking...With all due respect to the Wachowski brothers, i think Trinity should've died in the Matrix and not saved by Neo..because there's no Neo..there's no "THE ONE"...

Gawd, these acrid words....hmmmpph...I better get a dose of ABS Bitter

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